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III JOHN 1:2    Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in healtheven as thy soul prospereth

60-1231 - Revelation, Chapter Four #1, Rev. William Marrion Branham,  §15 Now, I want to say this before I start. I wish, to each one of you all, the most successful and blessful and healthy new year that I can wish to you. God be with you! May you grow both physically, and spiritually, and financially, and materially. Everything that God can bring upon you, I pray that He’ll do it.

We present to all our brothers and sisters our best wishes for the year 2018. The Lord has been favorable to us the year 2017 for the family, the church and the ministry through the website ; This is also due to your prayers for us. God has helped us serve more than 20,000 book downloads in more than 80 countries and many souls have been blessed. We receive news from them by e-mails and phone calls and whatsapp. We thank again our brothers from Angola who initiated this website.

With the strength and health that God gives us, we would like to devote our efforts to translating  more Brother Lee Vayle's sermons as they help us to have a clear understanding of Brother William Marrion Branham's message. Thank you again for your prayers for us.

Your brother in Christ,